Tallinn Scientific Visit

Tallinn Scientific Visit

Date: 3-5/4/2017

Venue: Tallinn – Radisson Blu Hotel


A scientific visit to Tallinn-Estonia was conducted for all RISE partners from 3 to 5 April 2017.

The visit theme was about “Recruitment, promotion and retention of academic staff at HEIs” and covered Employee Engagement & Retention, Employee Recognition, Performance Management, Supervision, Discipline, Employment Termination and Exit Interviews.

Prof. Walid Salameh welcomed the participants and reviewed the project progress then allowed Prof. Olav to start his session.

Prof. Olav presented the education in Estonia and types of institutions in addition to structure of higher education staff. Then he reviewed the Recruitment, promotion and retention of academic staff at Estonian HEI-s and prof. Veronika Hrda reviewed the same for the academic staff at Slovak HEI-s.

Next session covered the Academic career model (ACM) which describes recruitment, promotion and retention of academic staff at higher education institutions (HEIs) presented by Olav then prof. Veronika Hrda delivered a presentation about “Requirements for Hiring HEI employees”.

The second day 5 April was very active, started with Prof. Zuzanne speaking about the figure and number of research, researchers and students abroad, and reviewed the test conducted in Morocco visit saying that the results were positive.

Mc Gregor´s XY Theory on Personality and Testing was the next activity led by Veronika, in which a test paper was distributed to all participants in order fill and extract the results then the participants were divided into groups in order to work together on “how to implement what we learned? Regarding the Recruitment, promotion and retention of academic staff at HEI-s, the session was coordinated by prof. Veronika Hrda and prof. Olav Aarna.

The last day was dedicated to discuss the working groups’ presentations and Prof. Veronika resumed the Mc Gregor´s XY Theory test.

Finally the partners evaluated the workshop and visited HR section at Estonian Business School.

At EBS, a steering committee meeting was held to discuss the deliverables, the progress of the project, the next steps and activities.





Tallinn Visit Agenda